Thursday, April 20, 2017

{3.6.17 - 3.12.17}

Little Man sure LOVES the tub! I can tell that he gets so disappointed when I run a bath for the girls and he doesn't get to climb in with them.  
(Forgive the horrible phone pictures.) These girls are getting too big for my liking. We moved the into twin beds this week. (And Axel from his bassinet to a crib.) They were so excited to pick out their own sheets and they LOVE their new beds!
Sometimes when Dad is gone, we go to McDonalds for dinner so the girls can play in the play-place...and ice cream is a bonus!
Axel sits up so well, and he loves to be outside. // We took a trip to the zoo and somehow left his jacket Axel got a new hat. I think his face is fitting - ravenous little lion! 
Their excitement looks forced, but I promise they were loving our zoo trip! Haha! 

Alya's favorite thing about the zoo was the elephants and she was SO excited to get to ride on one. Lyla just wanted to see kitties...and although there were not kitties at the zoo, she still loved that she was able to ride this "kitty" on the carousel. (She knows this is a tiger, but she was okay with just pretending it was a kitty!) 
I'm not sure why I love this picture of Lyla so much, but I do! She just kind of quietly took everything in all day.
Looking back through these pictures, the girls were really excited to see the babies and the mama bear, but they were pretty concerned about where the daddy bear was.  

Oh how I love these girls!!! Alya // Lyla 
Lyla, Jaiden and Alya. It seems like these three don't really miss a beat when they get together.  

Man, I love these kids! And I love that they love each other! (Lyla, Daxton, Axel,  Alya, Jaiden)

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