Thursday, February 15, 2018

{12.18.17 - 12.24.17}

We were able to meet some friends in Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. The girls were so excited because they got to ride on a the train! We rode the front runner from Provo to Salt Lake and they thought it was pretty cool! As always, the lights were beautiful and the kids did awesome!  
We spent Christmas Eve at Nana's house this year! I love this picture of her reading to my kids!  
I wanted the girls to open their quilts with my mom since she was such a big part of getting them done. I think they liked them. I wish the picture of Lyla wasn't so blurry... 
 Lyla doing the airplane with Joni. 
My sister is getting a new puppy and she has had the chance to puppy sit a few times for the owners. We were lucky enough to be in Salt Lake while she had them, so we went to cuddle puppies for the evening! Lyla got so attached to that little white puppy (Buzz) and she was pretty devastated when we had to say goodbye! // Alya was just happy to hold and cuddle any and all of the puppies!
Axel was so cute with them! He kept leaning over and resting his head on theirs to give them a hug, but as soon as he was done with it, he all but threw it off of himself to get to the next one! I'm sure Judi had many mini heart attacks with my kids and her puppies, but we are grateful she let us come snuggle them anyway! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

{12.11.17 - 12.17.17}

The girls decided to do their hair like their dad's tonight. Of course they had to add the bows...and Lyla had to have her hat to complete her "dad look." So funny!  
Axel has recently discovered the games on my phone. It's surprising to me how quickly he has figured it out. He rarely needs help getting into the games and while sometimes it's really nice, I also kind of hate how long he could sit and entertain himself with my phone. 
Alya took this adorable picture of Lyla and Axel on my lap! I love this picture for a few different reasons! I love how Axel is (voluntarily) cuddling with his sister, the fact that they are both content to share my lap, and the fact that one of my girls took this picture!! 
The girls have loved to play photographer lately. They take pictures of and clothes left on the floor, crumbs not yet wiped off the counter, I have blurry carpet pictures and their favorite thing is to bend over and have their sister take pictures of their bums.  
I love when they take decent pictures like this one, though! I feel like they are little treasures! 
We got done watching a movie one day and the kids all piled on top of Matthew to look at his phone with him. Axel made it fairly difficult but I love moments like this when all the kids (and the dad) are happy to be in the same place and enjoying each other's company!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

{12.4.17 - 12.10.17}

Axel wanted me to read to him this morning while I was busy doing other things (I know, poor excuse) so I asked Alya if she would read to him for me! She was happy to do so and I was happy to watch them together! 
We were able to get up the canyon to get our Christmas tree this week and as always, the kids really enjoyed helping to decorate! 
Axel did much better with our tree than I thought he would. There were only a handful of times that I had to put ornaments back on the tree. I'm glad I didn't have to move all the decorations to the top half of the tree! // He wanted to help so bad!! I love how he's standing on his little tippy toes to reach the water! 

I got the girls' quilts back and thanks to so much help from my mom, I was able to get the binding on them! I only have a good picture of Lyla's quilt, but I am so happy with both of them!! 
Remember this face? (Axel was almost 3 months old in this picture, but I remember thinking this is the face that I was always going to remember him making.) 
Well, he still makes it! Haha!  
He has been so interested in trying to color when his sisters are coloring. He gets a little frustrated because he doesn't really understand that he has to put some pressure on the pen to get the ink to show up so it doesn't last too long, but he sure tries! 
This boy's hair is out of control. I feel like the back of his head looks like this 95% of the time! 
I got this amazing lens for my birthday this year! I'm really looking forward to getting out with Matthew so I can try it out!  
This is possibly my favorite "gift" that I received for my birthday! Nothing beats cuddles, especially when they are from a couple of cute little girls! 
Aly drew the manger scene today! There are two baby Jesus' - one in the manger and one being held by Mary. I love seeing their abilities develop!

{11.27.17 - 12.3.17}

I walked out of my room one day to find these two sitting next to each other enjoying their snacks. I love seeing stuff like this - when they make the choice to share little moments like this! 
I had the chance to take some pictures for my little sister who is getting married in January. It was so much fun and I'm so grateful she gave me the opportunity to take these photos! 

This little boy is hilarious!! He thought it was so funny to play with the vacuum like this and he was cracking me up!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

{11.20.17 - 11.26.17}

We got a little bit of snow and the girls were dying to go out and play, and of course, Axel didn't complain at all about that! I was shocked that he kept his hat and mittens on the whole time! // The snow you see in this picture in really about all we had in our yard. The girls insisted on wearing their new coats that my sister gave them, even though I'm not sure they needed them. They went out and the first thing they did was practice making snow balls.  
Who's who? I think the girls are starting to look more and more alike everyday. Alya was having an emotional day one day and I asked her to come in and talk to me. I could hear the two of them in the other room whispering, and the next thing I know, Lyla comes in to me and says, "I'm Alya." And I thought, "I'm in trouble!" Haha!  
Lyla, my hoarder, holding onto her snowball as long as she can. 
Axel's little cheeser is probably my favorite thing about this picture!  
The girls brought their snowball up on the porch to see how long it took for it to melt...they couldn't wait that long and ended up smashing it themselves.  
I love my handsome little lion! 
Mo is the most patient dog I've ever known! I'm sure it's not comfortable for him to have Axel rocking him back and forth on the cement...especially since he can't be feeling all that great anyway. But he just lays there and takes the abuse! I'm so glad Axel loves him the way that he does, and I can tell that Mo has a special place in his heart for Axel as well.  
Over Thanksgiving we made decorated gingerbread houses with Matthew's family. Lyla's favorite person is Crystal, so of course she had to be on Crystal's team...which is good because I think Crystal is the only person who can reign Lyla in on all her crazy ideas. Sarah made a special peppermint flower for Lyla to put on their house and Lyla insisted that be the side of the house we got a picture of! 
Grandma and Papa with their gingerbread house // Alya was obviously on Jeni's (and Jessica's) team! 
After his nap, Axel was pretty good to just play with toys or anyone who was available to play with him while Matthew and I finished up our house! 
A baby's version of cookies and milk...? Even if all he ate during the Thanksgiving holiday was pumpkin cookies, at least he had something right!?
Lyla has been really into doing tricks lately. She asked me to take her picture doing this one. Don't worry, I had to take many pictures of her doing "different" (it was hard for me to see the difference) poses. Silly girl! But I love that she is so impressed with herself! Haha!

{11.13.17 - 11.19.17}

Axel was so proud of himself when he figured out that he could use the chairs to climb up onto the table. 
Matthew and I took a trip down to the Henry's for a day to look at bucks. It was really nice to get away, just the two of us for a day - even though there were SO many people down there!  
We sat and watched some young bucks practice their sparing skills. I've never actually seen a bucks fighting, so even though this was just practice for these two young'uns, it was still fun for me to watch! 

I love when Axel blesses us with his musical abilities! He likes to make the rounds in this room from the piano to the guitars, or vise versa. He's pretty great!

We learned the gender of the new baby this week! The girls were a little disappointed, but I think they are coming around to the idea of another little brother!

{11.6.17 - 11.12.17}

We must not have had a real exciting week this week as these are the only pictures I have. The reason for taking this picture was because my baby was eating a banana like a big kid for the first time, and he absolutely loved it! Upon further inspection, the other great thing about the first picture is his (or rather, his sisters) shoes. This kid is such a riot!!
Axel has also started trying to help me with all my chores. He wants to be wherever I am and doing whatever I'm doing. I think his favorite thing is to "help" me vacuum. Instead of trying to hold onto the vacuum like his sisters did, though, he has found other items in our home that will work as a vacuum for him. We have a push-popper toy that he normally uses, but he couldn't find that this week, so he used one of the girls' strollers instead. He was very careful to go back and forth like I do and to make sure he got into all the corners and as far under beds/couches as he could get!