Tuesday, April 3, 2018

{3.26.18 - 4.1.18}

Axel woke up from his nap one day and wanted me to pull down this blanket, then he wanted me to put his soft blanket over him and then he started pointing out the pictures. It was so cute!  

I'm all heart eyes over this picture of Axel and Lyla!  
34 week bump. Baby is getting so big, and this big mama is finally starting to feel like nesting... 
We got to spend the Saturday before Easter with Grandma and Grandpa and the aunts! It was so fun to decorate eggs with them, but of course the girls were too focused on their project and not at all interested in paying attention to the camera!  
Axel had so much fun! He cracked almost all of his eggs dropping them into the dye, and he flipped water all over the place trying to stir his eggs! It was fun to watch him! 
The girls posed with their "favorite" egg. (I'm not sold that these were their favorites, I think they just grabbed the first egg they saw, haha!) 
Matthew and I woke up on Easter morning to the girls coming in our room to inform us that the Easter Bunny had been there...and he "even brought flip flops!!!!" They were so excited! They had fun searching for their eggs, and whatever eggs Axel hadn't broken while dying them, he broke dropping them into his Easter basket! Haha! 
Lyla, Axel and Alya in their new Easter clothes. The girls' shirts say "Part...Unicorn, Dinosaur, Puppy, Princess, Fairy" which is so fitting to them! They love to pretend to be anything they can think of. 
We watched conference on mine and Matthew's bed (so we could watch on the computer since we don't have television) and the kids did so good! Matthew and I each got to have a chance to cuddle with our kiddos, but I love this picture of Axel...hugging the bubbles he got in his Easter basket and his little crossed legs!!! So cute!

.eighteen months.


It's crazy for me to look back at pictures of this little boy and see how much he has grown up and changed in just a year...or even in the last six months. He has the funniest personality and, oh how I love him! 
Axel can sign please and more and he has started saying the words while he signs them, but all you can really understand are his vowels and sometimes his "s" sounds. Whenever I pull out the camera, or he can see himself on my phone he happily exclaims "CHEESE!!!" He is starting to talk more but you really have to know the context of what he is talking about to understand him sometimes as he is really good at his vowel sounds! Mostly he just repeats words that we tell him to. 
He says "Dada" or "Deedee" for Dad. He says Lylylyly when referring to both Lyla and Alya. He says drink "deen," "Mom" (he doesn't call me Mama anymore...it's always Mom.) He says "uh oh" and says "owl" anytime he sees one. 
He can tell us what sounds cows, frogs, pigs, snakes, owls and bees say. He is getting better at telling us what to say for a deer ("shh") and what an elk says. He's always getting really good at horse sounds and bird sounds. And when we see a picture of a spider he knows to smash it! 
He loves it when I make fishy faces and it always leads to a kiss! 
He loves to push things; strollers, our popper (vacuum) toy, and buttons. He even knows which buttons to push on the T.V. to shut it off or just change the channel so the girls can't watch their show! Haha! 
He loves to play with cars, trucks and trains and he blows the cutest kisses!! He just puts his hand in front of his mouth and blows. He likes to blow out candles and he always blows on his "hot" food. One of my favorite things that he does is when he thinks something is hot, he will sometimes pick it up (obviously I only let him if it's not actually hot) and hold his other hand up like one does to warm their hands on a fire, and says "hot, hot!" It's so cute! 
He is still a mama's boy but will say "hi" to almost anyone. He's started nursery and I can tell that the separation anxiety phase is setting in, though as he has struggled to let me leave him in there, so that is a work in progress. 
We sure love this little man. I hope I don't turn his life too far upside down when the baby is born! 

{3.19.18 - 3.25.18}

The girls love to color and Axel has wanted to color with them ever since he realized what they were doing. He's never been happy with me trying to get him all set up on the floor while his sisters get to sit up at the counter. I finally felt comfortable enough to pull a chair up for him to stand on and he thought it was pretty awesome! He did great all morning, but while I was cooking dinner (and of course had raw meat-y hands) he fell off of it...twice.  
Just enjoying his cookie by the "fire" - space heater!  
Lyla had a really rough morning so I made her  go down and take a nap. She looks so peaceful now...especially compared to how she has been all day! // Alya got herself all cozy in her spot with her "baby Buck."  
Due to his love for babies these days, we went and got Axel his own baby, but he still tries to sneak away with his sister's babies when he gets the chance!  
We walked to the Post Office the other day so I brought the big stroller for Axel and for drinks. I should have known we would end up like this...with Axel walking and the girls riding. Axel insisted on being in front which made my heart race a little every time we had to cross the road! He stops when I ask him to, but only for a couple of seconds. I have to be really fast to keep him from crossing without me and he gets really offended that I won't let go of him in the street and that he's not the leader. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

{3.12.18 - 3.18.18}

We had a nice little rainstorm and the most beautiful rainbow! We could see it end to end and I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow with such vibrant colors! 
He's at it again...wearing his sisters boots and hat! He is so darn cute! 
Looking for the neighbor's cat! The cat's name is Marshmallow, and my kids love him. I don't know why, because he doesn't exactly love my kids! Haha! 
The kids decided to walk to the park today. Axel basically ran the whole way, the girls held hands the whole way, and I love the socks that Alya chose for her outfit today! // Axel thinks he's big enough to do the playground by himself and if I don't stay close enough to him he wouldn't think twice about stepping off a platform with a four foot drop to the ground - sometimes with a bar or something for him to hit his head on on the way down. Silly boy.

{3.5.18 - 3.11.18}

These two are so sweet! I like how Alya has been very cute with Axel these days! She always wants to help me when I'm getting him dressed or changing his diaper, or getting him ready after his bath. I love the second picture...how she's grabbing his face to pull him in for a kiss.  
I love these kiddos! They are so cute, and wild, and funny and crazy! 
Axel upgraded his car seat this week! I think he likes the change...but he's not sure what to do with his feet...and he doesn't really understand that he can sleep in it, either. Hopefully he figures that out sooner than later!
I love this video of Alya! We were signing "I'll love you forever" but I love that she can't rotate her finger without the help of her mouth! Haha!

{2.26.18 - 3.4.18}

The girls made their decision about whether they wanted to go to the Dollar Store or fishing...Lyla decided on fishing and Alya chose the Dollar Store...????? I was shocked! I would have guessed that fishing would win, hands down. So the night before they went, Alya's mind was made up that she didn't need to go fishing. I hated the idea that she wouldn't get to enjoy the day fishing with her dad...especially because she had so much fun last time they went! I ended up giving in and telling her that she would get to do both...so she agreed to go fishing, and I'm so glad she did! I think she is, too! // 30 week baby bump 
Axel has been so clingy to me lately, so I love these moments - not only because it means he doesn't need me at the moment, but I think it's so fun to watch him spend time with his dad! I think it's good for him, too!
My favorite part of this video is the end... this kid is so funny! 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

{2.19.18 - 2.25.18}

Dad pulled out his rock collection and the girls were enthralled! 

I couldn't pick just one picture of this handsome boy!  
We finally got enough snow for me to have to shovel the driveway and the kids loved getting dressed to play in the snow! They had so much fun, it was actually hard to get them to come in the house! Lyla had so much fun working on her snow castles and Alya just kept sifting through the snow! 
I love these amazing kids! // Lyla posing with her finished snow castles. She had the idea to make little flags out of toothpicks and loved that I wrapped tape around the top for her. She was pretty pleased with her creation! I love her creativity! 
I am no good at building snowmen, so here is our baby snowman...or I guess I should say snow-girl. They wanted me to make a little bow out of chocolate chips on top of her head! They loved waking up and looking for her every day until she melted! 
 This silly girl is quite the character! We love our Miss Lyla!
We love our beautiful Alya, too!  
And this blue eyed boy has my heart!  
Nighttime potty training has been a success!! The girls have done so well and I am so proud of them! Now they just need to decide if they would rather have a trip to the dollar store or a fishing trip with Dad! 
 My little man is officially 18 months old! Whether he likes it or not, he will always be my baby! 
He is just so handsome, and wants to climb everything!!
This boy is so stinking funny! My girls used to walk around with our water sprayer and suck on it like a straw to drink the water...Axel walks around spraying himself in the face until he is dripping wet and he thinks it is so funny!