Thursday, June 22, 2017

{6.12.17 - 6.18.17}

Cutting has been the girls' favorite activity lately. They are getting really good at it! They have found almost all of their pictures that they have painted or colored or stickered and cut out each shape or picture, and of course they want me to save each and every one of them! It's great! 
We set up a water slide in our backyard. Alya loved it! 
Lyla was a little less sure about you can see by the look on her face! Haha! 
I think it's so funny that when I ask the girls to put their arms around each other, Alya basically chokes who she's next to!  
Oh this boy! He is getting SO good at walking...he walked from his car to me multiple times today! 
I am getting closer with the girls' quilts! I have enough squares finished for one quilt top! I am getting pretty excited to see how they turn out! 
The girls tried on my glasses! They look too grown up for my liking, but they sure are adorable! (Lyla, Alya) 
Father and son. Happy Father's Day, Matthew! I hope this man knows how much we love him! 
I love this picture!!! Daddy and Alya. // Lyla - my collector. She is such a trouble maker, but man is she cute!  
We were in Idaho the weekend of Father's Day and on our way home we stopped at my Grandpa's house. It was fun to visit with Grandpa and a bonus that my mom was there! // is Alya, choking Lyla!

{6.5.17 - 6.11.17}

Lyla: "Mom, can you take a picture with me and Sassiness?" 
These two!! (Alya, Lyla) 
How Lyla sleeps. (I told you it could be a series!)  
She saw this and asked "why am I upside down!?"

{5.29.17 - 6.4.17}

This is how we all felt about going home from our camping trip.  
Boys and their trucks! 
Our first time at the splash pad for the year! The girls were a little hesitant, as always, but they became more comfortable sooner than past years.  
My little water baby thoroughly enjoyed the splash pad! 
Popsicles in PJs.  

How Lyla sleeps. (This could be a series!) 
We made it up north for a friends' baby blessing and, as always, we had to get a picture of all the kids. (Alya, Axel, Lyla, Annalyn, Ainslee and Alexa) 
And here's the whole group-at least the part of the group that made it to the blessing. 
And, zoomed in on my cute family! :) I had to...I just think Alya is so cute in this picture!!

.nine months.

Nine Months

Axel loves to walk, but he can't quite do it by himself yet...consistently anyway. So he needs help, but he only wants the minimum amount of help--he refuses to hold both of my hands when we are walking! I predict that he will be walking this month.
He is getting really good at standing on his own. He'll pull himself up to something and then let go and stand for a few seconds and then very gently sit himself back down.
He gets into EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe with Axel around. He's my little explorer! He pulled out all the toys and movies from off the shelf and tried to climb inside, because he just wants to see and explore it all. He also likes to climb things. He's getting really good at climbing over our legs or Mo if we are in his way and he has climbed onto the dishwasher door, he has tried climbing up the front of the stove (grabbing the handle and stepping up onto the warming rack) and he tries to climb onto the railing.
His third tooth came in on April 27 and his fourth tooth came in on May 16. They are both bottom teeth. His tooth on the far left side has grown much taller than the others and it is so funny when he smiles and talks (which happens pretty much all the time) to see the one tooth so clearly! 

He is such a Mama's boy! Which I love!!! But sometimes it makes things really difficult. I feel so guilty when I need two hands and can't hold him when he wants me to. Or when I hand him to someone else so that I can finish something I need to get done and he cries and cries, like I have just totally betrayed him!
He gives the best hugs! I love when he wraps his little arms around me, and the way he nuzzles into me. It doesn't happen very often, but man, it's so sweet when it does!

Axel gets slap happy, like his sisters. It's so funny! It's easiest to get him to laugh when he is tired and his dad is really good at getting him to laugh!

Axel loves Mo! We went camping one weekend, and even though we took Mo with us, when we got home Axel was so excited to see Mo. It was like he was just so happy to have his buddy back in familiar surroundings! He followed Mo everywhere he went and grabbed his ears and gave him kisses and laughed, and Mo would either lick Axel, or try to move away from him and Axel would just laugh and chase him and do it all over again. It was pretty funny! He really does like Mo, and I think Mo likes him, too!

Axel learned how to drink from a straw this month! He's so funny, though! He will take a couple sips from the straw and do really well, but then it just becomes a game. He sips from the straw, but he is not really thirsty, so he just spits out whatever is in his mouth. It's kind of funny...kind of not. It makes me a little nervous for when all of his liquids come from a cup.

Axel is 30 inches long (95%) and 19.2 pounds (30%). He is tall and skinny, probably because he is always moving and as much as he likes eating, he looses interest pretty quickly...he has places to go!!
He's so crazy and so busy, and we love him SO much!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{5.21.17 - 5.28.17}

Axel is wearing out the toes of (almost) all of his jammies. I love it. I also love that I have a picture of Lyla very similar to this one! 
He is just so darn cute I can't even handle it! I guess I might be a little biased, though. 
We gave him some burrito fixins and to say he thought it was delicious would be an understatement. Little man loves his food!! 

I wish my phone took better pictures, but I love these checkup pics! Axel turned 9 months! 
Axel, Alya and Lyla. 
We spent the weekend camping with some friends and had a lot of fun! Lyla wanted to "just take a little rest" in this blanket everyday.  
We walked to a little creek and of course I made the girls pose for me. I promised them I only wanted one least five pictures later I got this shot! Haha! 
Axel loved camping! He slept pretty probably helped that he was snuggled next to me all night...and he thought crawling (and walking) around in the dirt was the best.  
This is Alya's attitude everytime I tell her I want a picture! // Lyla always finds the flowers! 
Flower necklaces! (Alya) 
We had a beautiful spot! They were doing a prescribed burn on the mountain next to us and I thought the smoke coming off the hills looked beautiful! 
My cute little man posing on top of a rock! He was so nice to sit there for me! 

I love Alya's little belly! // We spent a day fishing...or trying to fish anyway! Getting soaking wet and, of course, catching crawdads were the girls' favorite parts! 
The other mom that was with us introduced the kids to "flower painting." The girls thought that was pretty cool and Lyla is so interested in how the Indians (Native Americans?) used flowers to make paint! (pictured: Alya) // Lyla spent the whole weekend trying desperately to catch a butterfly. She settled for this moth! 
Fishing buddies.

{5.15.17 - 5.21.17}

The girls took a really long bath and their hands looked like this for the rest of the night! 
My little climber. He thinks he's so funny!
He is getting so big. I swear he is going to be walking before I know it! 

Alya riding Dallas. She loves this horse! Before we leave the house, she kisses him goodbye and then greets him when she gets home. // Lyla is the best little helper! She loves to help weed the garden. 
When you have big sisters.

Monday, June 5, 2017

{5.8.17 - 5.14.17}

For Mother's Day I forced the kids to take a picture with me! 
We walked him to sleep! 
Lyla - so cute! // Axel - also cute! 
Matchy, matchy!